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About Carefree Pets

People ask why I decided to start Carefree Pets.  I owe the idea to several lovely cats and dogs and to two very special rescue persians, Tristan and Isolde, shown above.  
During our happy years together, I realised how precious pets are to those people and families whose lives they enrich.  I also saw how much they hated being taken away from home, no matter how good the cattery or kennels!   After a couple of guilt-ridden holidays which I spent worrying about how they were getting on, I looked for a pet sitter I could safely trust them to.   Then I began to think of caring for pets myself.  That has turned out to be the most rewarding decision I have ever made! 
We will happily look after bunnies, guinea-pigs, gerbils or any creature needing care and TLC in the absence of their special person!    
 We constantly  update  our knowledge of every type of animal and study their needs before starting to care for them, but the most valuable information of all comes from you.  No-one knows a pet better than their own special people who they love and trust. 
 We are police checked and  thoroughly insured to protect both you and us.  We feel responsible to both you and your pet.     
HOME ALONE cats, rabbits and small furries are much happier staying in their own familiar and well-loved surroundings while being visited by an affectionate pet sitter who has the privilege of caring for them until your return.
HOLIDAY DOGS will arrive at a home which is friendly to doggy needs and devoted to their happiness.  We prefer you to deliver them since it is reassuring for them to see you trust us.  You will go on holiday knowing your dog is having a week or so of personal attention, plenty of interesting new walks, TLC on demand and the run of the premises and garden.  Your pet can follow its normal routine with us as nearly as possible, including TV and a welcoming lap if that's what they prefer!  Above all, your dog will be the only dog in its holiday home and not have the stress of competing for affection.
We operate within easy reach of the Charminster, Winton, Talbot Woods, Queens Park, Southbourne and Westbourne areas of Bournemouth, but please ring and ask. **
**Carefree Pets mainly take in smaller breeds of dog but if you contact us we are always ready to discuss your own situation.**

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